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CBS of a Department Annual Plan

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Please use the following template to prepare a cost breakdown structure (CBS) request prompt. To do so, replace {business description} with a description of your business that is relevant to the cost breakdown, and add any additional requirements for the output, such as the level of detail needed for the outline. Please keep the rest of the template unchanged, as they are necessary to ensure that the output format is compatible with the CostX application. Although ChatGPT tries to follow the prompt and provide output in the correct format, sometimes it may fail to meet the formatting requirements. If this happens, you can interact with ChatGPT further to resolve the issue.

{business description}

Be sure to follow all of the formatting guidelines below:
- Output only the names of the entries (cost categories and cost items), do not include the CBS number in the output.
- Indent each lower level entry by one tab space from its parent entry.
- Output only the CBS in a code box.


In this demo, you will learn how to create a cost breakdown structure (CBS) for the annual plan of a department using ChatGPT and CostX app. A CBS is a hierarchical representation of the costs associated with a project or program. It helps to estimate, monitor, and control the budget and resources of a project or program.

You will use ChatGPT, an online chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, to generate a CBS in plain text based on your prompt. You will then use CostX app, a software tool for cost management, to create nodes in bulk with the CBS output from ChatGPT. You will also learn how to adjust the tree structure and colors of the nodes in CostX app.

CBS Demo

1. Prepare the Prompt for ChatGPT

The first step is to create a prompt for ChatGPT based on your requirements and preferences. A prompt is a text message that you send to ChatGPT to start the conversation.

For example, if you want to create a CBS for the annual plan of a department, and break down the costs at least in three outline levels, you can use the template above to create your prompt.

CBS First Prompt

2. Chat with ChatGPT

To chat with ChatGPT, simply type your prompt in the input box and press enter. ChatGPT will reply with a CBS output in plain text wrapped in code block syntax.

CBS ChatGPT Response

If you want to modify the CBS output, you can type your feedback or suggestions in the input box and press enter. ChatGPT will reply with an updated CBS output based on your input.

3. Create CBS nodes in Bulk

Copy output from ChatGPT

To copy the PBS output from ChatGPT, simply click the "Copy code" button in the output box.

Copy code

Create nodes in Bulk

Select a node in CostX app and paste the copied code. The entire tree structure will be created automatically.

Paste code

Adjust the CBS

You can also use the following two context menu items to adjust the tree structure and colors in bulk:

  • Promote to Parent: Promote the selected node to replace its parent if the parent has only one child.
  • Automatically Set Colors: Randomly assign colors to all the nodes in bulk.

Batch update