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Drag and Drop

CostX provides powerful drag/drop capabilities for:

  • Copying and moving nodes within the same document window.
  • Copying nodes between multiple document windows.
  • Copying nodes to a file in the Finder and on the desktop.
  • Copying nodes from a file you dragged from the Finder.
  • Modifying node images you dragged from the Photos app, the Finder app, web browsers, and other apps.

Drag and drop node

In the same document window

In the chart and columns views, you can drag a node to move or copy it within the same window:

  • Move nodes. Drag a node and drop it on another node to move it as a child of the target node.
  • Copy nodes. Press the Option key () when dragging a node to another node, the node is copied as a new child of the destination node.
  • Merge costs. If you press the Shift key () while dragging a node to another node, the cost of the destination node is updated by merging the cost of the dragging node. The destination node should be a leaf node that has no child nodes.


Copying nodes by drag/drop is an efficient way to construct the tree, especially dragging to copy an entire branch is very helpful when possible.

Across multiple windows

In the chart and columns views, you can drag a node to copy it between different windows.


CostX copies the numbers of the node directly and unchanged. CostX does not convert the value based on the exchange rate if the currencies in the documents are different, because this function is designed to copy content for documents with the same properties.

Drag and drop image

CostX supports changing the image of a node by dragging an image.

  • Image file from Finder app.
  • Image from web browser app.
  • Photo from Photos app.
  • Image from other apps that support dragging images. For example, you can drag a shape from PPT to CostX.


It depends on the behavior of the web browser and other applications. Some of them may not work as expected when you drag an image to CostX. In this case, you can save the image to a local file and drag the file to CostX, then it will always work.

Drag and drop CostX file

CostX makes it very easy to integrate with Finder to share data by dragging and dropping.

  • Drag a node as a file to the Finder or macOS desktop。
  • Drag a CostX file and drop it in the CostX window to add new nodes.


With this feature you can easily collect and count information from your team. You can simply drag and drop other team members' CostX contributions into a document, and the corresponding statistics are automatically generated according to the tree structure.