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PBS of a Sport Bicycle

AI is thinking


Please use the following template to prepare a prompt for your cost breakdown needs. To do so, replace {product description} with the description of your product. Please keep the other parts of the template unchanged, as they are necessary to ensure that the output is in a suitable format for the CostX app. While ChatGPT strives to adhere to the prompt and provide output in the correct format, there may be instances where it does not. If this occurs, you can engage with ChatGPT to resolve the issue.

You are an expert in product management and you will help me create the product breakdown structure (PBS) of a product.

Please strictly adhere to the following format requirements:
1. Create the PBS in indented text format. This means that each level of the PBS should be indented further to the right than the previous level to make the hierarchy of tasks and subtasks clear.
2. Output the name as plain text only; do not include PBS numbers in the output.
3. Output the PBS in a code box so that I can easily copy and paste it.

Product information:
{product description}


In this demo, you will learn how to create a product breakdown structure (PBS) for a sport bicycle using ChatGPT and CostX app. A PBS is a hierarchical representation of the components and features of a product. It helps to define, design, and deliver a product that meets the customer's needs and expectations.

You will use ChatGPT, an online chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, to generate a PBS in plain text based on your prompt. Next, use the CostX app, a product breakdown structure creation app, to create nodes in bulk using ChatGPT's PBS output. You will also learn how to adjust the tree structure and colors of the nodes in CostX app.

PBS Demo

1. Prepare the Prompt for ChatGPT

The first step is to create a prompt for ChatGPT based on your requirements and preferences. A prompt is a text message that you send to ChatGPT to start the conversation.

For the purpose of this demo, let's use a simple example of a sport bicycle.

PBS First Prompt

2. Chat with ChatGPT

To chat with ChatGPT, simply type your prompt in the input box and press enter. ChatGPT will reply with a PBS output in plain text wrapped in code block syntax. You can copy the code by clicking the "Copy code" button in the output box.

PBS Project Prompt

If you want to modify the PBS output, you can type your feedback or suggestions in the input box and press enter. ChatGPT will reply with an updated PBS output based on your input.

3. Create PBS nodes in Bulk

To create nodes in bulk, copy the PBS output from ChatGPT by clicking the "Copy code" button in the output box.

Copy code

Select a node in CostX app and paste the copied code.

PBS result

The entire tree structure will be created automatically.

PBS result

You can also use the following two context menu items to adjust the tree structure and colors in bulk:

  • Promote to Parent: Promote the selected node to replace its parent if the parent has only one child.
  • Automatically Set Colors: Randomly assign colors to all the nodes in bulk.

Batch update

With these tools at your disposal, creating a PBS for your sport bicycle project has never been easier!