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Create nodes to construct a tree

CostX helps to break down large works, costs and things into manageable components and represents the components as nodes in a tree structure.


The following video demonstrates the basic options for adding new nodes in List, Chart, and Column views.

Continue input in the list view

In the footer of the list view you can continue the input of nodes to the end of the list. Thereby you have the possibility to insert a space at the beginning of the node name to adjust the hierarchy of the nodes.

  • Enter the name and press the "Return" key to create a new node, you can enter continuously.
  • The newly created node is on the same outline level as the last node in the list.
  • Add a "space" character at the beginning of the name. The newly created node will be the child of the last node in the list.
  • Add an "/" character to the beginning of the node name. The newly added node is at the highest outline level, and its level is independent of the level of the last node in the list.
  • Click the "Close" button to stop adding new nodes.


Even if you find that you are already working efficiently with these basic operations, we still recommend that you consider the following options as particularly efficient.



CostX offers advanced features to help you use the app efficiently. Please take a look at the following advanced features.

Drag/drop and Copy/paste

You can also add new nodes by dragging/dropping and copy/pasting in chart and columns views, in the same document window or in multiple document windows, and within the app and with other apps.

Drag/drop file

CostX supports adding nodes in other CostX files by dragging and dropping. All nodes in the dragged file are merged and the tree structure information they contain is preserved.


With this feature you can easily collect and count information from your team. You can simply drag and drop other team members' CostX contributions into a document, and the corresponding statistics are automatically generated according to the tree structure.

See details on drag/drop CostX file.

Bulk inserting

CostX goes a step further and also supports pasting large batches so you can work very efficiently. You can copy and paste to add multiple nodes at once and organize them in a tree structure.


You can be super efficient if you try the bulk insert options. We strongly recommend that you take a look at the details.