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CostX is a document-based app

A CostX document is a file with the file extension "costx". CostX follows the latest best practices and has the highest privacy standards because it is not server-based. CostX is a very privacy-friendly application. We (SwiftApps) do not have a server where user-created project files are stored. User-created documents are stored directly on the user's device or in the user's cloud storage, at the user's discretion. The user has full ownership of the files created by the CostX app and is also responsible for the safety of their data.

CostX document files


Although the risk is not very high, users should be concerned about the risk of data loss or misuse, especially for critical business data. Risks can arise from:

  • The device may be damaged or lost.
  • Documents are accidentally removed.
  • Document data is accidentally changed and automatically synced to other devices via iCloud Drive before you know it.

By default, CostX automatically creates a backup copy of the CostX file when it is opened. You can change this setting in the app settings.


Our suggestions for critical data on macOS devices:

  • Multiple copies of files in various directories.
  • Install the Dropbox app (or Google Drive) on the Mac and automatically sync between the directory on the Mac and a folder on Dropbox.
  • Or use other backup tools on the Mac.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

Do not put all your eggs in one basket.