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CostX for macOS is available as a public beta

You can test it via the Apple TestFlight service. As always, our beta version has a good quality.


Install CostX for macOS via the Apple TestFlight Service.

(macOS 13.0 or higher required)

Quick Start Guide

Please watch the Quick Start Guide Video before getting started.

Quick Start Guide

CostX is

CostX is designed to facilitate the decomposition of projects and products into smaller and more manageable components, and automatically summarize them from branch to trunk. It is mainly used for Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Product Breakdown Structure (PBS).

CostX on the Mac


Powerful maintenance features that let you construct components in a tree structure with list, chart, and columns views and in the inspectors.

List View

Chart View

Columns View


Sophisticated drag/drop, copy/paste operations and the functions for interaction with other applications help you to work extremely efficiently.

Columns View

Drag and drop node

Drag and drop image

Drag and drop CostX file

Copy within CostX document windows

Copy text from other applications

Copy from MS Excel and Apple Number


54 fields that you can select for your needs and change their display title and order. You can also customize the display style in the chart and columns views.

Columns View

Fields Visibility, Title and Order

Chart View Display

Columns View Display


CostX is NOT

CostX for macOS is not the macOS version of our WBS app.

CostX is a new app designed for large scopes, with many more newly developed powerful features.

CostX supports importing WBS files created with our WBS for iPad app. Just drag a WBS file into CostX's welcome window, and CostX will help you convert it into a CostX document.

And our WBS for iPad app will continue to be available as a simple app focused on creating project WBS.

CostX's major focus is on WBS, CBS and PBS

Although you can use CostX for a broader range of applications, and you may find that in some cases CostX is better than some applications designed specifically for those scenarios, when used in a scenario that goes beyond the primary design goal, CostX is still CostX.

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  • CostX is not a project planning app.
  • CostX is not a todo app.
  • CostX is not a resource management app.