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Import from QuickPlan Project

QuickPlan and CostX are different tools that focus on different business domains. They are not meant to replace or supplement each other. However, you may find it useful to use CostX to visualize the costs of QuickPlan projects, and to get a better understanding and report of your project finances.

Since QuickPlan tasks and CostX nodes are both organized in a tree structure, with some similar fields to manage the task and node information, it is possible to efficiently convert a QuickPlan project to a CostX document. CostX supports importing data from QuickPlan projects and creating suitable settings for the CostX document based on the QuickPlan project settings and tasks. CostX also provides options for you to control the output.

Import from QuickPlan Project via Wizard

When creating a new CostX document, if the wizard is enabled, you will find the option to import from a QuickPlan project file.

  • Click the option to select a QuickPlan project file with .qpp file extension.
  • The wizard will show you some options for how to import the data and configure the document based on the selected project.
  • Click the Import button. The wizard will finish importing and show you the imported data.

Convert QuickPlan Project by Drag/Drop

You can also drag and drop a QuickPlan project file into the welcome window of CostX to directly convert it to a CostX document. This is a faster and easier way to import your data and settings without opening the import wizard.

  1. Open CostX on your device.
  2. Drag a QuickPlan project file (with .qpp file extension) to the welcome screen of CostX.
  3. CostX will show you some options for how to convert the QuickPlan project to a CostX document. Click the Generate button. CostX will automatically convert the QuickPlan project file to a CostX file and set the appropriate fields and attributes.
  4. You can view, edit, and save the converted CostX file as you wish.


While CostX can import QuickPlan files, it is not solely a project management tool. CostX supports a wide variety of business needs beyond project management. The ability to import QuickPlan files is just one small part of the overall value CostX provides to diverse businesses.