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Import from WBS file

CostX is a powerful app that helps you to break down your business, product, and project into manageable components. You can use CostX to create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), and Product Breakdown Structure (PBS). CostX is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and it offers more features, applications, and efficiency than our previous app, WBS for iPad.

WBS for iPad is an app that we released years ago to help you manage project work breakdown structure. If you have used WBS for iPad before, you can easily switch to CostX and enjoy its benefits. You can import your WBS files to CostX and convert them to CostX files with the appropriate fields and attributes.


CostX is a good replacement of WBS for iPad app.

Import from WBS file via Wizard

When creating a new CostX document, if the wizard is enabled, you will find the option to import from a WBS project file.

  • Click the option to select a WBS file with .wbs file extension.
  • The wizard will show you some options for how to import the data and configure the document based on the selected WBS file.
  • Click the Import button. The wizard will finish importing and show you the imported data.
Why We Still Maintain WBS for iPad

Although CostX can replace WBS for iPad for most purposes, we will still maintain WBS for iPad as a separate app. This is because some users may only need a simple app for creating and managing project work breakdown structure, and they may not need the extra features and functions that CostX provides. WBS for iPad is also very cheap compared to CostX, so it may be more affordable for some users. Therefore, we want to give our users the option to choose the app that suits their needs best.