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Frequently asked questions.

Where are the documents stored in CostX?

CostX is a document app that allows users to create and save their documents as files with the .costx file extension. The user has the flexibility to choose the location on their device where they want to store their documents. It is important to note that the developer does not have a server where user-created data is stored.

What is the main purpose of CostX?

CostX is primarily designed to assist with the decomposition of projects and products into smaller and more manageable components. It is commonly used for creating Cost Breakdown Structures (CBS), Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), and Product Breakdown Structures (PBS). Cost Breakdown Structure

In addition to its primary focus, CostX is also highly flexible, allowing users to customize and extend the application to other areas. Salary Report


However, it is important to note that the app's core functionality remains centered around cost breakdowns and tree-like structures. As such, while we welcome all ideas for using the app, we may not be able to accommodate ideas that are too far from the app's primary focus.